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If Spiderman is your favorite superhero, our off-the-ground activities will be right up your alley. Or should we say wall? Scale up 50 feet, or hang upside down on a zip line and defy all laws of gravity.


Climbing: With top-of-the-line equipment and experts guiding you at every step, challenge yourself to our 50-feet-high climbing wall. This is your Everest.


Bouldering: No ropes, no harnesses — this is pure freehand climbing for all the gritty folk out there! Explore our 36' by 14' bouldering wall, and clamber to the top.


Rope Course: Five precarious stages of the rope course — from a tight rope walk to a swinging ladder to a zip-line. It's you and your harness against the world. Hang in there baby!


Zip Line: Hook yourself on to the 250 ft long metal cable and glide across the skies. And, that's how we like to get a bird's eye view.

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Climbing Wall

3 attempts/Person

Mon-Thu: Rs. 200

Fri-Sun: Rs. 250

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Rope Course

1 attempts/Person

Mon-Thu: Rs. 200

Fri-Sun: Rs. 250

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1 run

Mon-Thu: Rs. 200

Fri-Sun: Rs. 250